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Purpose And Significance Of Plastic Recycling


Purpose And Significance Of Plastic Recycling

1. Protect the environment.

As we all know, plastic has a great impact on environmental maintenance. It not only causes pollution but also has hidden dangers. Especially primary plastic products, such as primary lunch boxes and plastic bags. Due to the convenience of plastic products, they are widely used by people, and they are discarded randomly after use, resulting in white pollution everywhere in the suburbs of cities. This seriously affects the environment in which we live as a human society.

2. We will improve the utilization of land resources.

Landfill operations are still the main method of disposing of municipal waste in China. Due to its small density and large volume, plastics can be quickly buried in landfills, reducing landfills' capacity to deal with waste. In addition, due to the soft foundation of the landfill, harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in the waste simply enter the ground and pollute the groundwater.

3. Increase the output value of crops.

Plastic products deteriorate soil conditions and seriously affect crop growth. Plastic products usually take at least 200 years to degrade.

Waste agricultural film and plastic bags left in the field for a long time will affect the absorption of water and nutrition of crops, inhibit the growth and development of crops, and reduce crop yield. If animals ingest the plastic film, it can cause digestive diseases and even death. Recycling agricultural film and plastic bags is beneficial to the growth of crops and increases their output value.

4. Maintain the atmospheric environment.

If waste plastic is burned directly, it will cause serious social and environmental problems. Because when plastic burns, it creates a lot of black smoke.

5. Recycling plastics protects biodiversity.

Plastic products, especially plastic bags, can cause death if accidentally eaten by animals, which happens a lot. In December 2007, two deer in Xiamen Haicang Zoo died of gastroliths after eating plastic bags and other white waste. In August 2006, a six-year-old male leopard seal died in Pingdong Fang Giant Turtle Park. Several plastic bags were found in the seal's feces.

6. Save resources.

The production of plastics needs to consume a lot of resources, such as oil, and the recycling of waste plastics can just use these resources again to achieve the purpose of saving. In the process of disposing of waste plastic, plastic can be recycled and reprocessed to make new plastic products, thus achieving the purpose of saving resources.