• Application

    Personal care, Bath supplies, Beauty care, Makeup, Clean and disinfect, Garden.

  • Certificates

    IOS access system, SGS, ISO9001:2015, NSF, FDA and so on.

  • Equipment

    Multilayer, composite extrusion machine, blow molding equipment, computer-controlled...

  • Production Market

    Its product is the most popular in domestic market and also export to many abroad countries and...

About Our Company

Dongguan B-Tech Technology Co.,Ltd -Brand name B.T.PAIK which is one of the leading Chinese Pump and sprayer and bottle manufacturer of packaging products for cosmetic and daily use chemical and food packaging etc. We specialized in manufacturing design and service of Fine Mist Sprayers, Soap Dispenser Pumps, Gallon Pumps, Foam Pumps, Lotion Pumps, Powder Pumps, Trigger Sprayers, Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottle and Caps Flip Top Closure.

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Newest Product

Our classical Case

Classical case 01

Classical case 02

Gold Foaming Pump Soap Dispenser

Gold foam dispenser bulk,our top seal production, you can choose matte gold sliver aluminum, or Electroplating process.

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50ml Plastic Bottles with Lids

This special shape bottles and jars are made of acrylic material. It very hard and not easy to break. Besides, the colors and shapes are designed by our profession designers. If you want to add others logo or pattern, we will try to design for you.

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Gold Foaming Pump Soap Dispenser
50ml Plastic Bottles with Lids

Product Category


    Custom Round Aluminum Refillable 50Ml 150Ml 200Ml 500Ml Tinplate Empty Aerosol Tin Can Bottle.

  • CAP

    The flip top closure is a one piece cap with a body and a lid connected by a hinge. The hinge allows the lid to be closed onto the body of the flip top cap which normally has some kind of finger recess enabling the user to open the cap more easily and conveniently.

  • PUMP

    Our foam pump save money, you can use diluted liquid soap, reduce the use of soap each time you wash, and achieve the same cleaning effect ! Economical, convenient, and refillable.


    Our products are very common in life, and the water mist sprayed by our sprayer is very fine, which is very suitable for personal care.

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